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Shia Rishta: How Aqad Matrimonial Connects Shia Singles

Shia Rishta: How Aqad Matrimonial Connects Shia Singles

In Pakistan, finding the right match can be a challenging task, especially for Shia singles looking for a partner who shares their beliefs and values. Aqad Matrimonial is here to make this journey easier with our unique and secure matrimonial services. Let’s explore how Aqad Matrimonial connects Shia singles and helps them find their perfect match.

What is Aqad Matrimonial?

Aqad Matrimonial is a trusted matrimonial service provider in Pakistan, dedicated to helping people find their life partners. Our tagline, “Making Matching Knots,” reflects our commitment to creating lasting and happy relationships. We offer a unique service that combines traditional matchmaking with modern technology, ensuring a safe and efficient process for our members.

How Aqad Matrimonial Works

We understand the importance of privacy and security, especially for our female members. Here’s how our services work:

  1. Privacy First: We never share the mobile numbers or detailed profiles of our female members without their consent. This ensures a safe and respectful environment for everyone.
  2. WhatsApp Proposals: We send matching profiles directly to your WhatsApp inbox. This way, you receive proposals based on your specific requirements and preferences. It’s convenient, fast, and effective.
  3. Confidential WhatsApp Groups: We have separate WhatsApp groups for males and females, organized by cities and sects. These groups are confidential, and we post member profiles daily without sharing mobile numbers. This helps members stay updated on potential matches while maintaining their privacy.

Connecting Shia Singles

Aqad Matrimonial understands the unique needs of the Shia community. We have dedicated groups and services tailored to connect Shia singles. Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. Dedicated Shia Groups: We have specific WhatsApp groups for Shia males and females. These groups are organized by cities, making it easier for you to find a match within your locality.
  2. Personalized Matches: Our team carefully reviews each profile and sends personalized matches directly to your WhatsApp inbox. We consider your preferences and requirements to ensure you receive relevant proposals.
  3. Safe and Respectful Environment: Respect and privacy are our top priorities. Our members can trust that their information is handled with care, and we ensure a respectful environment for everyone.

Why Choose Aqad Matrimonial?

  1. Convenience: Receive matching profiles directly on WhatsApp.
  2. Privacy: Your information is safe and confidential.
  3. Dedicated Service: Specialized groups for Shia singles.
  4. Trusted Platform: A reliable and respected matrimonial service in Pakistan.

How to Get Started

Joining Aqad Matrimonial is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Register: Sign up on our website and create your profile.
  2. Join Groups: Based on your city and sect, join our dedicated WhatsApp groups.
  3. Receive Proposals: Start receiving matching profiles directly on WhatsApp.
  4. Connect: Review the proposals and connect with potential matches.


Finding the right partner is a significant step in life, and Aqad Matrimonial is here to help Shia singles in Pakistan make this journey easier and more secure. With our unique WhatsApp-based service, dedicated groups, and commitment to privacy, we ensure a smooth and respectful matchmaking process. Join Aqad Matrimonial today and take the first step towards finding your perfect match.

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Join Aqad Groups 100% Free of cost & pay only once you select any proposal.

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